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A graphic perspective on the Rights of Rivers

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

On 11th Dec 2021, we organized a unique, creative session along with our artist friends Poorva Goel (supported by Kalpavriksh and RoRSA) and Kabini Amin (supported by Veditum India Foundation and RoRSA) in conversation with Parineeta Dandekar, SANDRP.

This was RoRSA’s second presentation as part of the series of deliverables created by researchers, academicians, artists, activities and river lovers as part of the RoRSA sub-grants. The first session was ‘Rights of rivers in a situated context about Aghanashini river, you will find details about the session here.

Session poster made by Kabini Amin

One of the main objectives of RoRSA is to create awareness (as part of advocacy and education) about the emerging framework of Rights of Nature and the case for Rights of Rivers and the people who depend on them. While we are aware that the framework of Rights for Nature, in this case Rights of River is a legal tool which is trying to make way in the anthropocentric environmental laws of the 20th Century, we believe that through the medium of art, we will be able to engage more people and bring them along with us in our work to achieve the Rights of Rivers.

Parineeta Dandekar, long time expert on rivers and art moderated our virtual event attended by about 50 people where Kabini Amin and Poorva Goel shared their work. Kabini, as part of her living documentation on the River Betwa created 3 Zines (click here to learn about Zines) showcasing the many sides of Betwa and her people. While, Poorva illustrated a graphic novel ‘The Right of Passage’, a story of the River’s spirit conversing with a little girl for her rights to be protected in the face of extractive development plans.

An interactive session - RIVERzine making workshop was led by Kabini and Poorva. This well curated workshop helped us go back into our memories and relive our experiences of riverscapes including the smells, sounds, sights, touch of the different aquatic biodiversity and our relationships with them. The idea of rights of rivers is exactly to make sure that we conserve such spaces for us and our future generations to nurture beautiful relationships and experience them along with the rest of nature!

Here's a recording of the session


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